Welcome to Kawata, the first osu! cheating server! Make sure you read the rules before playing.
The current staff sucks , thank you Aku for broke that

Back to #1 BR in 12/01/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)

About Me:

I'm the first active Brazilian player on kawata!, I've played on this for 6 months, joined on the staff in 11/08/2018(dd/mm/yyyy) and left it for completely in 17/12/2018.

Q: Why My Angel Double Time?
A: Cuz I cant play with this on bancho

Q: Do you play with cheats on bancho?
A: No I don't need to play with cheats on bancho when I have kawata for this

Q: What you think about ranks now?
A: I don't care about rank, it's fine for me, I just want to enjoy the game

Q: What you think about the rules?
A: It's fine

Q: Why you left from the staff?
A: Cuz I got tired about how the "staff" make his decisions

Q: Do you want to back to staff?
A: I want, but I can't, hurts me see how the server was abandoned by staff and mainly by mods and admins, I mean, since I returned I see alot of peoples that break the rules and nothing happen with they, Aku still doesn't know how choose peoples for staff, he never knew how to do it, he ignored how old-staff was good and followed his own way to do the things, so I cant back unless aku re-think about his decisions. (But I don't hate you aku, you know this)

Random pics:


The current staff in a nutshell

AFK My Angel Double Time






My Angel Double Time is a Kawata player from Brazil.
They signed up on Kawata .
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They play with Tablet, Timewarp.


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