Welcome to Kawata, the first osu! cheating server! Make sure you read the rules before playing.
Hey Kawata users, please take some time to read the following text
I have not really realized how far the server has gone during the few past months and for me Kawata was still just a server with some cool friends, however, I was completely wrong. Now we are a strong community and I think I've been acting way too childish, unfair and bad with most of the members...

I sincerely apologize for how I was and how I acted, now I'm back and I feel way better than before, I want to expand the server and make it an even better place. I hope you guys will give me a chance to do it!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay on Kawata ^~^

ladies, rumoi is mine

Lonely aku






aku is a Kawata player from Germany.
They signed up on Kawata .
Last seen: .
They play with Keyboard, Timewarp.


shitty internet
Global rank #26
Country rank   #1
Clan Loneliness
PP 83
Ranked score 1,015,645
Total score 27,860,292
Playcount 33
Replays watched 0
Total hits 0
Accuracy 98.99%
Level 16