Support Kawata

Why donate?

While our server is 100% free to play, without any ads, data mining or any annoyment as such, all of this cost us some money. The server is entirely funded off our pockets.

We will never any put ads, or do any nasty business with your data, and we aim at remaining 100% free. We are accepting donations as a way you can support us, if you can afford too, and show your love to Kawata! And of course, will be getting a few perks for donating!

What do I get?

Here are the perks you get as a donor!

Yellow username

Just like in the regular osu!, you get a yellow username in the in-game chat to show the world that you have supported Kawata!

Donor badge

You will get a beautiful donor badge on your profile, to show off your support!

Custom badge

You get to be able to create your own personal badge, with custom text and icon, to show off on your profile!

Friends ranking

You will get access to the Friends ranking leaderboard, so you can compete with the people you want to compete with!

Discord privileges

You'll get exclusive access to the "#donor-chat" channels on our Discord server, and you'll get a custom role with custom username colour!

Profile background

How about using the background of your choice on your profile? Being a donor, you will be able to set any image or colour as your profile background!

Username change

As a normal user, you will only be allowed to change your username once. With donor privileges, you can change your username as many times as you want!

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