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How to get Verified?

We reserve the right to remove your badge and/or re-verify you.
New rules may or may not be retroactive at our discretion.

Verification rules

These are the rules and conditions that must be met in order to apply for verification of your account.

  1. The player cannot have been wiped within the last three months.(Self wipes and FL wipes do not count!).     
  2. The player must have been active (in the community) for the past month!     
  3. The player must have an account that is at least 60 days old.

Special requirements

Except for rule 3, none of the rules listed above are required. You do not need to have done one of the “normal” requirements if you have done one of the special ones!

  1. Player is a streamer and has streamed over 10 hours of Kawata gameplay (you have to play while streaming; there can be multiple streams).     

  2. The player is known on the Discord server and has done a lot for the community.     

  3. The player did a live play that was at least 5 minutes long (separate maps or one map, whatever). A minimum of two IGMs (or admins) must have seen the liveplay. (Staff decides when this will happen.)

  4. The player is trusted by one of the owners or administrators, and they approve of the player’s verification.

All of the above rules may be changed if we think they should be different or if they are unbalanced.

Where do I apply to get Verified?

You can get verified by contacting a staff member on Discord, it will be done as quickly as possible.

If you have any question, send us an email at