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Rules may be changed at any time as we see fit.
New rules may or may not be retroactive at our own discretion.

General rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a restriction or ban, temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity.

  1. Unfair hacks such as Score Multipliers, OD Changers, Spinbots, Autobots, Replay editors are currently not allowed on Kawata, please refer to cheating rules!

  2. Shared or boosted accounts are NOT allowed.

  3. Do not try to exploit the server; If you find a vulnerability, please report it.

  4. Use an appropriate username or avatar; If you do not, your privileges to use them will be discontinued.

  5. Multi accounts are strictly prohibed.

Chat rules

Failure to comply to the rules in this section will result in a silence.

These rules apply to both our Discord and in-game chat.

  1. Do not share your private information to everyone.

  2. Treat all members, no matter what they are, with respect.

  3. Doubtful links are not allowed.

  4. Discrimination, racism, sexism, and hate speech are all strictly disallowed.

Cheating rules

Even though Kawata is a cheating server, we are enforcing a few rules, to make sure playing on Kawata is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

Failure to comply to the rules in this section will result in an account wipe and a strike.

Auto bots, replay bots:

Auto bots, replay bots, and replay editor bots are prohibited.

Aim Correction/Aim Assist:

AQN Aim Correction and Aim Assist are fine, pretty much any aim assist and correction is allowed as long as they are not Silent Aim (literally teleports on circles even from a long distance).

Aim Assistance should be here to assist you, not to correct every misses even when they are blatant.


Timewarp is allowed at 0.666 or above for hqOsu users/Ainu users and 100 or above for AQN users.


FL plays above 7.0+ stars are prohibited, unless the play has already been done before on official osu!.

Score modifiers:

Score multipliers, as well as any mods that modify your results (accuracy, miss counts…) are prohibited.

CS modifiers:

CS modifiers may only be set to 1 below the original CS of the map.

Moderation policy

Unlike other infractions, we have a fixed moderation policy for hacking rules. If you are caught breaking those rules, your account will be wiped. It means all your scores will be deleted. You will also get one strike.

If you get wiped again, you will get a second strike. After 3 strikes, your account will be restricted.

You may appeal 1 month after your restriction, unless you judge you haven’t been restricted for a legitimate reason.

If you want to appeal, you may email us at