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Rules may be changed at any time as we see fit.
New rules may or may not be retroactive at our own discretion.

General rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a restriction or ban, temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity.

  1. All hacks other than Replay** and Auto bots are allowed.

  2. Shared or boosted accounts are NOT allowed.

  3. Do not try to exploit the server; if you find a vulnerability, report it immediately.

  4. Use an appropriate username or avatar; if you do not, your privileges to use them will be discontinued.

  5. By playing on the Kawata server, you agree to publicize your replays.

  6. Multi accounts are stitcly prohibed.

Over all, do not abuse our patience; you will be removed if we see fit, even if not with a reason.

Chat rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a silence.

These apply to both Discord AND the in-game chat.

  1. Keep your private information to PMs.

  2. Treat all members, be it a staff member or just a regular, with respect.

  3. Outside links are not permitted; MPGH and image sites are fine, but anything unknown is disallowed.

  4. Racism, Sexism, Toxicity, and hate speech are all very much disallowed.

Hacking rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in an account wipe and a strike.


Keep your UR at a doable level, We won’t wipe anyone for anything detectable (since that would go against the point of the server), but if you’re setting UR records every play, then you’re pushing it.


Keep your speed around or above 0.70, under this it is very blatant and while you might not be restricted for lower scores, if you start popping off instant snap 1k pp plays you’re clearly not trying to hide anything.

Replay Bot:

If you replay and we don’t catch you then gg it’s good for you, but if we catch you, you’re fucked. Notice: Keep your plays legit. You can try to submit a +2kpp play at your own risks, if it’s not legit for US (like tiny CS or definitely inhuman) we’ll wipe you without ANY advise.


What do you honestly believe is possible? You’re obviously supposed to push the limits of whats possible here, but of you’re doing very long maps for 1k pp FL plays, then you’re definitely pushing it. FL is probably not the best idea here, as you’re sort of pushing what is believable by quite a bit, especially if you’re doing it on every score.


If you play a + 7 stars or jump map (or any impossible map) with Flashlight, instant wipe. If you make a client crash with your replay (or while an user spectates) we reserve the right to wipe your account.

Moderation policy

Unlike other infractions, we have a fixed moderation policy for hacking rules. If you are caught breaking those rules, your account will be wiped. It means all your scores will be deleted. You will also get one strike.

If you get wiped again, you will get a second strike. After 3 strikes, your account will be restricted.

You may appeal 1 month after your restriction, except if you judge you haven’t been restricted for a legitimate reason.

If you want to appeal, you may email us at