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Rules may be changed at any time as we see fit.
New rules may or may not be retroactive at our discretion.

Rules on this page are not always updated. Join our Discord to make sure you're reading the right rules. This page was last updated on December 31st, 2022.

General rules

Any violation of the rules in this section will result in a restriction or ban, temporary or permanent, depending on the gravity.

  1. Unfair Hacks; like replay bots (as well as replay editing, by extension), score modifiers, OD Changers, spinbots, Autobots, (including all forms of auto/cursordance bots), and cheats that modify the score’s replay data, Tap Data, Aim Data, Mods, and Score Editors). But, this list is not all-inclusive, and staff can enforce this outside of the examples given.

  2. Shared or boosted accounts are NOT allowed.

  3. Do not try to exploit the server; If you find a vulnerability, please report it.

  4. Use an appropriate username or avatar; If you do not, your privileges to use them will be discontinued.

  5. Multi accounts are strictly prohibited.

Chat rules

Failure to comply with the rules in this section will result in a silence.

These rules apply to both our Discord and in-game chat.

  1. Do not share your private information with anyone.

  2. Treat all members, no matter what they are, with respect.

  3. Suspicious, Malicious, Content or links are not allowed.

  4. Discrimination, racism, sexism, and hate speech are all strictly disallowed.

Cheating rules

Even though Kawata is a cheating server, we are enforcing a few rules, to make sure playing on Kawata is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

Failure to comply with the rules in this section will result in an account wipe and a strike.


Timewarp has specific set limits: your Timewarp speed must be at minimum 66% of 1.5x speed for Double Time*, and NO Timewarp with nomod.

With the most Common Clients, This would be:

AQN: 100 with DT osu!rx: .66 with DT Maple: 100 With DT (Rate), .66 With DT (Multiplier) Ainu & Ainu Based Clients, eg. (Skooter, Abypass): .66 With DT

Aim Correction/Aim Assist:

Below listed are the HIGHEST allowed settings and/or whether or not the cheat is allowed for each of the most common aim assist tools for osu!. If your cheat is not listed, ask a moderator.

Here are more details:

Ainu/’s “SAVE ME” is allowed (no limit);

MPGH’s default AC is allowed;

Skooter’s AC is allowed; Its Strength must be at or below 60, but can only be a whole number. values like 58.2 and 51.1 are *not allowed.

osu!buddy’s AA is allowed; but must be equal to or below the following settings. Strength: 11 Aim Start Distance: 666

Kat’s AA is allowed; Its Strength cannot exceed 1.5x. AA is allowed Its Strength cannot exceed 66.

Maple AA is allowed but must be equal to or below the following settings.


Strength: 0.8 Base FOV: 75 Max FOV (Scaling): 3 Maximum FOV (Total): 275 Assist on Sliders: Allowed (No Limit) Acceleration Factor: Allowed (No Limit)


AA Power: 1 (max) or below.


AA Power: 1.5 or below. Slider AA: 1 or below.


As Previously Mentioned: your Timewarp speed must be at minimum 66% of 1.5x speed for Double Time*, and 1x speed for everything else.

For AQN/Maple, That’s: 100 With & Without DT.

For osu!rx, That’s: 1.0 With & Without DT.


FL Removers are allowed, but only in certain circumstances. If a map’s difficulty is higher than 7 Stars After Mods, (Meaning If you apply a mod and the star rating goes above 7 stars), you cannot use flashlight remover.

Multiple Cheats:

You can’t now have more than ONE cheat instance/client open at the same time. this also applies to combining cheats. doing so, you will be banned.

The only exception for this rule is combining osu!rx (V1 or V2) with Kat’s AA/any kind of Aim assist that doesn’t have timewarp & relax.

Score modifiers:

Score multipliers, as well as any mods that modify your results (accuracy, miss counts…) are prohibited.

CS modifiers:

CS modifiers may only be set to 1 below the original CS of the map (after mods).

Here are more details:

For NoMod plays: Default CS - 1 (eg. CS4 -> CS3); For HR plays: Default CS - 0.77 (eg. CS4 -> CS3.23); For EZ plays: Default CS - 2 (eg. CS4 -> CS2).

These values must be applied to the map AFTER MODS ARE APPLIED. To check the CS, turn off your CS changer, reload the map and check in the top left corner where it says “CS: xxx AR: xxx OD: xxx”

Other Important Notes:

For Ainu users, make sure the client you use was downloaded on MPGH, the Discord server or the Ainu Xheaters Discord server, otherwise it contains prohibited features.

Things like: Relax hacks, AR Changers, Enlighten (Un-HD), and other stuff that wasn’t listed in the hacking rules ARE ALLOWED. You can also ask one of the staff members if you still need clarification.

Specific Gamemodes Rules


Hyperwalk maps are not allowed.

Moderation policy

Unlike other infractions, we have a fixed moderation policy for hacking rules. If you get caught breaking any of the Hacking Rules, it will result in a wipe of your account’s scores if you cannot prove you weren’t breaking the rules.

After 3 wipes, your account will be BANNED, not restricted. This means we’ll never ban someone at their first wipe, other than for the AC rule and Multiple cheat client’s rules.

You may appeal 1 month after your restriction unless you judge you haven’t been restricted for a legitimate reason.

If you want to appeal, you may email us at

Score Hunting:

Score Hunting

In September 2022, Kawata introduced Score Hunts! This is a way to get rewards from playing difficult, strange or techincal maps. how it works is pretty simple.

If you want to participate in a score hunt, Join our Discord. in there you can find the #score-hunting channel, which shows you active and previous score hunts.

make sure to read the requirements of each scorehunt. they can change depending on any of them.

the following will ALWAYS be true for scorehunts. 1. Scorehunt Information will be available in #score-hunting & the Public Score Hunt Spreadsheet 2. CS changer is not allowed in Scorehunts. 3. Scorehunts will follow the rules set here. 4. Breaking scorehunt rules will incur a normal moderation punishment (See Moderation Policy) + a ban from future scorehunts, appealable after 1 year.